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About Above & Beyond College

Students of Above & Beyond College

Our students are mainly from western countries like Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

Nationalities Occupations Residences Purposes

Apt needs analysis

Our students have various jobs or are in various situations. So they have different purposes in various environments.

Before we start a lesson, we conduct a counseling session to do a needs analysis. During our counseling, we listen to their specific requests and studying purposes. Based on their request, we recommend lessons that are most suitable for them.

Professional Japanese Teachers

Our school was established in 2001 as a Japanese language school to become an ideal place to learn Japanese.

Our teachers are highly experienced professional Japanese teachers with more than 8-10years of experience.

They all have an experience of working in a large company as well, so, they can utilize these experiences when they offer lessons for uBusinessv.

And for uChildrenvlessons, teachers with experience in school education, will provide the lessons.

High attach rate of study

Most of our students continue their study over a long period of time. (average length:3,4years)

Some students, who live in foreign countries, take our lessons every time they come to Japan for their work. (several times/1year.)

Some graduates of our school can take our lessons by skype, if they would like to continue their lessons after they go back to their home country.

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