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Railroad Line Gate Exit
 g Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Miyamasuzaka District Gate ??D Miyamasuzaka Exit
 g Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line Miyamasuzaka Center Gate ??D Exit 9
sS g Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line Miyamasuzaka Center Gate ??D Exit 9
} css Tokyu Denentoshi Line Miyamasuzaka Center Gate ??D Exit 9
} Tokyu Toyoko Line / MM Line Tokyu South Ticket Gate ??D East Exit
JR R JR Yamanote Line South Tichet Exit (JR) ??D East Exit
JR ?AVhO?C JR Saikyo Line / Shonan Shinjuku Line New South Ticket Exit(JR) ??D New South Ticket Exit
@? Keio Inokashira Line The front of the platform ??D Main Gate


A&B is within 2 minutes walk from Shibuya Station

Japanese Laguage School Above & Beyond College
Address Dai-san Yagi bldg.6F 3-7-2 Shibuya,
Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 150-0002 Japan
TEL 03-5464-1410
FAX 03-3409-2380
E-mail info@ab-college.com
URL http://www.ab-college.com
Lesson Time 9:00-20:00
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