Japanese Language School Above & Beyond College



What is your level ?

Entry never studied Japanese before
Beginner A studied a little bit(verbs & adjectives)
Begginer B studied te-form & dictionary-form
Pre Intermediate verb conjugation
Intermediate A completed beginner's text and studied Japanese more than 300 hours
Intermediate B studied Intermediate text for 6 to 12 months
Pre Advanced completed Intermediate text and studied Japanese more than 600 hours
Advanced studied Advanced text for 6 to 12 months

What is your purpose ?

  Daily Conversation Business
Entry Simple Daily Conversation for Greeting, Shopping ...Etc. Self Introduction, Business Conversation and Terminology
Beginner A Practical Conversation for Daily Life Describe your office layout, your daily schedule ....Etc.
Beginner B Detailed explanation on your favorite topic,expressing your own opinion Explanation of your product, how to use them ...Etc.
Pre Intermediate Causative, Passive, Honorific, Typical Japanese Expressions Causative, Passive and Honorific Expressions often used in Business
Intermediate A Smooth Communication with Japanese people Key expressions useful for conversations with Japanese Business people
Intermediate B Radio and Newspapers Business scene simulation
Pre Advanced Japanese that can be used in business Negotiations with or Presentations to Japanese Business people
Advanced Translation and high level conversation
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